Shoulder Arthroscopy

Common Surgeries Performed

  • Arthroscopic Bankart repair for Shoulder dislocation
  • Arthroscopic Double row Rotator cuff repair for Cuff tears
  • Arthroscopic SLAP repair for throwing athletes
  • Arthroscopic Adhesiolysis for stiff shoulders
  • Fixation for Shoulder / Proximal Humerus fractures

Uncommon Surgeries Performed

  • Arthroscopic Suprascapular nerve decompression
  • Reconstruction with graft for AC joint dislocation
  • Arthroscopic Biceps tenodesis
  • Open reduction for Neglected posterior dislocation
  • Modified Latarjet procedure for Glenoid bone loss for very often shoulder dislocators
  • Shoulder Joint Replacement with Modular imported prosthesis
  • USG guided needling for calcific tendinopathy of shoulder


Shoulder Arthroscopy


Shoulder Scopy video