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An artificial joint can last for 20 plus or minus 5 years or even longer. However, the life span is affected by the weight of the person and by his activities. An overweight person or a person actively involved in sports can wear out the artificial joint quicker than a thin or a more sedentary person.

    The average time taken for the joint replacement surgery is one hour. However, it takes about three hours for the patient to come out of O.T.


A person with diabetes, hypertension or heart conditions can undergo joint replacement surgery. However, diabetes and blood pressure must be under control before surgery.


You can drive a four-wheeler 4-8 weeks after surgery and only after consulting your surgeon.

Total knee replacement is an elective operation. The decision to have the operation is not made by the doctor, it is made by you. The doctor may recommend the operation, but your decision must be based on the problems faced by you versus the benefit you are going to get after surgery.


Yes, one requires external support aids for 3-6 weeks after the operation. These walking aids are discarded in due course of time once muscle control improves.


Generally patients have to spend maximum 3 to 5 days in the hospital after knee replacement surgery. Full recovery takes about 3 to 6 months; however, it depends on the type of surgery, your overall health, and your own participation in the success of your rehabilitation.

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