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Orthopaedic Trauma & Fracture Care

Fractures can occur to anyone, at any time in their life. Treatment of a fracture is focused on restoring function as quickly and as fully as possible. While many fractures will heal on their own, some are best treated surgically. Often, surgical treatment will ensure more complete recovery, and allow for restoration of function much quicker. Although fracture care has been a part of orthopedics since its very beginning, specialists in fracture care are committed to using techniques that are both leading edge and time tested to ensure that your recovery is the best it can be.

Often a fracture will occur in conjunction with other injuries. When that happens, surgeons at the ShishodiaOrthopaedic Centre work closely with top experts in Trauma Care. This ensures that all of you injuries will receive optimal care.There are times when even a routine fracture will be delayed in healing, or will heal in a way that does not allow for the maximal return of function. When that occurs, fracture care specialists at the Shishodis Orthopaedic centre can often intervene to be sure that your injury heals.