Periarticular Fractures​

Periarticular Fractures Condition 

  • Periarticular fractures occur in or immediately adjacent to a joint. Since joints allow movement of the limbs, a fracture of the bones at either end of a joint can cause severe pain and disability. 

  • Periarticular fractures most often occur in the ankle, leg (tibia), thigh (distal femur) and elbow, although they may involve any joint.

Periarticular Fractures Treatment

  • Treating periarticular fractures is more complex than treating regular bone fractures, because there are more structures and tissues in the joint that can be damaged as a result of the fracture. Furthermore, the ability to restore the alignment of the fracture fragments directly affects the long term outcome from such an injury. Dr.SatpalShishodiais highly experienced in the surgical repair of periarticular fractures.