Pelvic Acetabular Fractures

Pelvic Acetabular Fractures Condition 

  • The pelvis is the central foundation of the skeleton. When injured, it can become a potential source of long-term disability, and may even be life threatening. Through advances in surgical treatment of pelvic injuries, an orthopaedic trauma surgeon has the potential to intervene and improve outcomes from these potentially devastating injuries.
  • The acetabulum is the cup-shaped part of the pelvis that forms the “socket” of the ball-and-socket hip joint. An acetabular fracture occurs when this socket is broken. These types of fractures are much less common than most hip fractures, which typically affect the “ball” of the joint (the top of the femur). 

Pelvic Acetabular Fractures Treatment

  • Treatment for an acetabular fracture depends on the extent of fracture displacement and hip instability. Surgery is often performed to align the cartilage surface, remove debris from the joint, and restore stability of the hip.

  • These fractures are very serious injuries that are best treated by an experienced orthopaedic trauma surgeon