Bone Infection

Geriatric-Fragility Fractures Condition 

  • As people live longer and more active lives, orthopaedic injuries and fractures that were once uncommon in older adults have become more common. In addition, the expectations are higher that function can be restored after a fracture, even in the more mature individual.
  • These injuries can occur in almost any bone of the body. Although everyone tends to get weaker bones as they age, sometimes a fracture can be the result of osteoporosis. When that is the case, Shishodia Orthopaedic centre physicians will work closely with a patient’s primary care provider to help address the underlying problem and avoid further fractures.

Geriatric-Fragility Fractures Treatment

  • Treatment of geriatric fractures has evolved in recent years. Today, many of the fractures that commonly occur in older patients can be successfully treated surgically. In some cases, these treatments can be performed minimally invasively.  

  • The orthopaedic surgeons at the Shishodia Orthopaedic Centre have extensive experience in treating fractures in the aging population, drawing on their vast experience with a variety of techniques.