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Spine Surgery & Pain Management

Spine Surgery & Pain Management

Spine Surgery medical procedure office acts like precursors in overseeing spinal medical procedure. High performing office completes high hazard spine medical procedure cases, spinal disfigurement, minute spine medical procedure and modification spine medical procedure.

The spine group involves two spine advisers, two junior spine specialists, two spine colleagues and four post-graduation occupants. Clinical greatness is upheld by research division, innovative careful armamentary including negligible obtrusive choices, top of the line working magnifying lens and specific spine inserts.

All troublesome spine medical procedure cases are managed a group approach and conceivably that is the achievement key. A year ago 11,758 new patients were seen by the spine office, while 1096 spine medical procedures were performed in 2011. As a notable element, the above number involved 84 Kyphoscoliotic distortion correction,72 spinal cracks, in excess of 350 tiny lumbar discectomy and 42 amendment spinal medical procedures.

One of the delicate corners of the spine group is their paraplegic recovery. There have been inspiring accounts of patients strolling after an effective careful result. No careful work is finished without productive physiotherapy and recovery. Shishodia Hospital Healing center’s spinal group is upheld by physiotherapy office where patients get conceded for paraplegic restoration and further recuperation.

Spine medical procedure has seen everything!!!

In our underlying long periods of training we used to see prevalently elderly individuals with spinal pain coming to spine center. In any case, amazingly we see bunches of youngsters introducing to the facility nowadays. This changing pattern we see is a direct result of way of life alterations occurring in our present age

Spine surgery has seen it all !!!

In our initial days of practice we used to see predominantly elderly people with backache coming to spine clinic. But to our surprise we see lots of young people presenting to the clinic these days. This changing trend we see is because of lifestyle modifications happening in our current generation

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