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Multiple Trauma Care Center


Dr.Satpal Shishodia specializes in treatment of complex musculoskeletal trauma, neglected ,ununited fractures and foot and ankle injuries.These are perplexing breaks of the pelvic and hip bone socket which are real executioners in any mishap. Dr.Satpal Shishodia heads this administration and is extraordinarily prepared in the US, Germany and Belgium Hospitals to deal with these wounds. He likewise spends significant time in different Arthroscopic methods.

Complex Trauma And Reconstructive Surgery:

Fractures with loss of bone or shortening of extremity are a major cause of amputations, especially when associated with infections. Dr.Satpal Shishodia specializes in treating such cases having received his training from various institutes in India & Abroad. SIOR has an excellent record of limb salvage in such injuries.

EMS Ambulance:

For rapid transport of trauma victims we have a fleet of well equipped Ambulances (ICU on wheels) manned by qualified paramedics and doctors. A dedicated toll free number +91 9648480551 is designated to avail this facility anywhere in the city.

Trauma Rehab:

Competent Physiotherapists therapists who specialize in trauma specific rehabilitation facilitate early return to functional status. Thus the department of Trauma (accidents & emergency) is truly a center of excellence in providing comprehensive care TO the 5. Multiple injured patients as per international standards.


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