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Joint Replacement

The committed joint substitution unit of Shishodia Orthopaedic in India, one of its sorts in the nation, conducts trade medical procedures for knee, hip, shoulder, lower leg and elbow.

An extraordinarily planned complex of 4 working performance centers consolidating propelled forms, for example, laminar wind currents, specific covering of the dividers of the theatre which are consistent, and the uncommon covering of the deck which is antistatic and bacterial and contagious safe; gives a profoundly clean condition fundamental to maintain a strategic distance from post-medical procedure contaminations.

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Sport Injury & Arthoscopy

Shishodia Orthopedics has been dynamic in Sports Medicine since most recent 10 years. Dr. Satpal Shishodia built up the principal Sports Medicine Association of Gorakhpur in 2008. Dr. Satpal Shishodia, who is a games prescription and arthroscopy master, has additionally taken a sharp activity to encourage sports solution administrations to competitors locally in Gorakhpur, as well as for national first class competitors. Shishodia Hospital has state of the art surgery system. All the procedures area unit recorded and actual images area unit taken throughout the surgery and area unit given to the patient.


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Multiple Trauma Care Center

Mischances and wounds are expanding in regular day to day existence by disturbing extents. Street injury is presently assigned as a no.1 executioner in youthful patients by WHO.

The Shishodia Hospital perceived this long prior and today it is a main tertiary referral injury focus in the nation taking into account approx 3000 patients associated with mishaps and wounds every year under the name, Shishodia Orthopaedics Trauma Center.Emergency Medical Services (E.M.S): A multiply injured patient demands swift and comprehensive care.